Collecting Samurai Swords

So you have found yourself wanting to take up a collection. So what will you collect? There are so many options out there. are becoming very popular.  There are many to choose from as well. Here are some starting points to bare on mind.


Safety is first when it comes to displaying. These swords can be very sharp. Make sure that you are being safe especially around kids.  Make sure that the children know these are not toys.

Kids are kids, so make sure that just as you are educating yourself that you involve them as well. Many times we feel like they are not listenting but they are. Show them videos and any other informaiton that will make sure that they understand how important these swords are and how to safely handled them.

Keeping the samurai sword perfect

Oiling and cleaning will need to be done so that the beauty last forever. Whenever they are touched they will need to be cleaned and oiled to prevent rust. This process does not take long. Even dust can be damaging so make sure that you are keeping them dust free. No you do not have to do it daily but about every month or so. Coverings and cases can also help keep done the dust and dirt in the air as well.

Do your research on the samurai sword so that you have all the information you need and want.  Collections can be a fun hobby as long as you have the knowledge. Having all the information before hand can make it so much easier to know everything that you ned and want to know. Happy hunting and make sure to show your knoweldge with others who wish to start a collection of their own. Collecting is so much fun and just think of how much fun it would be to do with oothers that have the same interest.