SERP Checker: Why you need this tool?

Just having an online presence in modern times is not enough. You face cutthroat competition in any industry you are working in, and you lose your target group of customers to these competitors if you are not alert and on your feet all the time. You may wonder what else you need to do when you have even hired the services of an SEO expert to do optimization of your website. But you know what else you need t do when you learn about this tool called SERP checker.


How do you know how your website is faring in the face of competition when your target group of customers conduct searches based upon a few keywords? A SERP checkers tells you the results of this search in just a few seconds. It returns top 250, even top 300 results on search engines once you have entered your domain name and the keywords on which you want to conduct this search. This is not all as you can include the domains of your competitors in this search to learn about the performance of your website.


Which SERP checker should you use?

This is a question often asked by website owners. Well, it depends upon your personal liking as well as the features of the checker you find most useful. It is advisable to register yourself with a SERP checker to be able to conduct a search in seconds. This is because these tools automatically save the keywords that you have used. This means your domain name and keywords remain in its memory and the search begins as soon as you login with your user D and password. It even saves SERP results to allow you to make a comparison as to whether your website is doing well or not in recent times.