Mocospace: Make Friends and Chat with them is a social networking app that allows people to become members and hat with each other. It reminds one of the AIM chat rooms introduced by AOL before the advent of modern social networking sites. Mocospace is owned by a Boston based company called JNJ Mobile. You can use this wonderful chat app on your Smartphone anywhere, anytime provided you have internet connection. It is available for both Android as well as iOS platforms.

Mocospace is one f the many dating apps available on internet. But it claims to be the best among these adult dating networks like Fling and Adult Friend Finder. As Mocospace already has millions of registered members, all you have to do is to register and log in to find the boy or girl you feel attracted to. Makers of Mocospace claim it to be the world’s largest social network for Latin, Hispanic, and people of African American descent. According to an estimate, there are close to 100 million individuals who have downloaded this app in their smartphones.


Signing up and becoming a member of Mocospace is really very easy. After downloading the app, just fill up the form giving your details and you are ready to start chatting with other people you like on this social networking app. You can enter any of the already established chat rooms to start chatting with individuals you like. You can also create your own chat room by mentioning the topics you like and others with same interests will come in to join you in your chat room. You can flirt with the opposite sex and express your desires to find likeminded partners on Mocospace.


One good feature of Mocospace is the use of emoticons and smileys to say it in a subtle manner while chatting with other people.

Why People Hack Snapchat?

These days we have numerous apps which make our live as far much easier and everything convenient but at the same time there are such people as well who tend to make everything fall on the side and the best of an app tends to be the worst of that same app.

These days Snapchat is also one of a very commonly used app which is trending among people and many people are making the most of this app in many ways, however, when it comes to this app there are many people who have been too much in the Snapchat hacks as well. These hacks are so bothering that people who are using this app are tired of the Snapchat hacks and for this reason many people have already left using Snapchat. There are many reasons which form being an urge for the hackers to hack Snapchat and a few of these include the following:

  • Rivals in the businesses hack the Snapchat of their competitor because they want to take a look at how their rival is actually promoting his business with the use of this app and so that they may perform between then the rival.
  • Another reason which leads to Snapchat hacks take place among the businesses is to copy the designs of the rivals so that they may make the use of their designs and flop their business in some or there other way.
  • Many people hack Snapchat of others because of a personal rivalry and they want to upset their reputation among the people so that their revenge is completed.
  • Many people hack Snapchat of the people they don’t even know because they want to misuse the conversations, pictures and stories of the user as a part of their everyday routine.

All these factors have made the life of many Snapchat users miserable and this is the reason many people have also stopped using this application.


More Likes

Reasons People Rely on More Likes on YouTube

When it comes to getting popular on social media the most important thing is to create a place overall the social media and this reputation allows you to be more and more successful. However, when it comes to making the most of YouTube and its success, the major thing which allows you to make your space all over the social media is none other than more and more likes.

YouTube is a renowned platform which has made people make the most of their social business and their success on the part of YouTube lets them enjoy a chunk of profit. However, when it comes to making an analysis of the reasons people rely more on YouTube likes may include the following:

  • More likes tend to increase more popularity among the different channels and on the top of it the rankings on the Google also increase when it comes to consider an increased number of likes.
  • Numbers of likes are also linked with the views people have taken on your video, this also provides you a track of the views of your video.
  • Likes on YouTube means people may find you in the Google searches very quickly since you have a huge fan following and so your page may rest in the initial searches.

All these factors must be considered as essential in all aspects when it comes to making the most of more and more YouTube likes. Platforms like YouTube have allowed people to make the most of everything in all aspects as likes allow people to analyze where do they stand on the YouTube platform. YouTube has now been a very efficient platform which helps people making viewers lead to their website and this channel is used for many of the secondary purposes which allow people make their SEO position strong.