Three Reasons You Should Consider Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting offers businesses a unique opportunity by utilizing exceptional modern technology. Unlike shared hosting that store all your data in one place, cloud hosting makes use of multiple servers that responds to your website needs as you get more. If you are a small business looking for Canada web hosting services that is scalable, you should consider cloud hosting, and this is why.

Cloud Hosting is Faster

Shared hosting is sometimes slow because you are competing with other websites for everything on the servers. With cloud hosting, your website draws power from multiple servers giving you the chance to deliver quality service at little cost.


The ability to scale your website needs according to demands from visitors makes it one of the best Canada web hosting services you can imagine. Cloud servers, unlike shared servers, are not static and will not crash when they are overwhelmed with traffic. They simply expand to accommodate the extra demand and continue to help your business grow. This scalability aspect also affects the pricing. There is no fixed price in cloud hosting; you pay for what you use. When the traffic is low, you pay less and get to save money for when more people come visiting your site.


You can customise cloud hosting to suit your website needs. You can add extra tools, remove or add anything at any time. This feature is in contrast to dedicated hosting with tons of tools and features you don’t need.

Data Backup

Information on cloud servers is stored on multiple servers. This feature makes cloud hosting very attractive for businesses who rely on the efficiency of their website to be able to provide documents anytime it is needed.

Canada web hosting services offer highly responsive and reliable cloud web hosting service that is scalable, customisable and flexible. You pay for what you use and have access to very useful tools.