IPTV: Revolutionizing Television

You have been watching television for a long time for nonstop entertainment and information. It is not just the technology of hardware but also the manner in which content is presented to the viewer that have changed dramatically in the last decade or so. All these changes have been aimed at enhancing the viewer experience. The latest technology to create a buzz among the consumers is IPTV.  Also referred to as internet TV, it is a television service that is delivered over internet using Internet Protocol. All the content including movies and songs are delivered through broadband connection rather than a cable.


Internet TV is one step ahead of not just cable television but also satellite television as content is delivered in the form of internet packets and received by the television of the viewer with the help of a set top box. Triple Play is the name given to the service where the customer not only enjoys IPTV but also VoIP and internet. If you subscribe to triple play, you can access internet, make long distance calls at very cheap prices using VoIP, and also get nonstop entertainment in the form of IPTV.


You get to watch video on demands on IPTV. This is called unicasting whereas there is also multicasting in which live programs are aired on television sets of subscribers. Content is first compressed using MPEG technologies and then transported and delivered for transmission. There are three main protocols that are used for telecast in IPTC are HTTP, RTSP, and IGMP.


The reason why IPTV is becoming so popular among the consumers is that it gives them freedom from having to watch the content that is decided and forced upon them by others. Video on demand is a step towards empowerment of the customers.

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